Madden 19 Tips – Easy Gap Blitz in Madden 19 – Dumb it Down Returns

Play: Big Dime 236 – Overload 3 Press (Setup in Description)

Here is a 2 Step Madden 19 Blitz that comes in very fast up the Gap. Having a Madden 19 Blitz Scheme is important when stopping the pass. Especially when any skill level can use it! This is perfect for beginners, and novice casual players. This Blitz is found in the Big Dime 236 Formation called Overload 3 Press. On early downs you probably want to do a 34 Blitz or a 43 Blitz, but once you get your opponent into pass situations, Big Dime 236 is perfect. This is an overload pressure to the left side that is very easy to use even for novice players.

Simple Setup: 1. Show Blitz – Y/Triangle + Left on DPad 2. Crash / Slant Def Line Down – Left Bumper + Down on Right Stick

Advanced : – Base Align before Showing Blitz. If you do that, make sure you check your outside cornerbacks. You may need to manually move them to not get beat deep against streak and fade routes. This is not a Madden 19 nano blitz by any means, but it is a solid pressure gap overload heat that is good to mix in with coverage,

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