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What you'll get:

  • Litezout's Entire SB Wing Flex Close Offensive Ebook FREE
  • 4+ HD High Level Tip Vids per week from Our Pro Madden Players. We did literally 44 Tip Videos Already for Madden 20 inside our membership!
  • New Schemes & Film Room Formation Breakdowns every month (We did Truzys Defense and FitzMagic's Offense Already!)
  • 50% Off All Ebooks 


With this Membership, you also will be getting Free Access to our Forum!

  • Chat Live with Hundreds of our Paid Members and our Pros on the site!
  • Feel Free to Ask Any Questions you have about any of our Membership Content
  • Discuss Offensive & Defensive Strategy with us
  • Watch Our Pro Gameplays being posted weekly in the Forums to help get you better
  • Take Advantage of Our New Scouting Section that is inside the Forum!

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