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Litez Jets Defensive Ebook Madden20 Offer

$20.00 (Members Use Coupon for 50% Off)

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The Best Madden 20 Blitzes, Run D , and Coverage Concepts in the game BAR NONE. This literally might be our Best Defensive Ebook we've ever done & we've been doing this for Over 7 Years!


What you'll get:

  • The Best Brand New (Never Seen Before) Blitz Concept in Madden 20
  • 8 Defensive Formation Breakdowns from the NYJ Def Playbook
  • Heat That Comes in vs Max Protection. And we don't have to just send 7 to do this! Can send 6, or even 5 & someone comes in FREE.
  • The Best Madden 20 Run D's. Hit Stretch Runs and Inside Zone Runs literally in the backfield! Good luck using arm bar on us
  • Full Detail on How We Are Adjusting Our Blitz Schemes vs different formations & Concepts
  • New Unique Coverage Shells to Best Play Zone in Madden 20
  • Complete Cover 4 Palms Breakdown. Showing how to Effectively use Palms vs Bunch, Trips, & Spread Sets
  • Collab'd with Madden Pros Manu & Rich. Manu broke down his 146 Scheme & Rich covered his Bread & Butter 236 Man D


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