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Madden 20 Saints Off Ebook by Sickness Offer

$20.00 USD

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Rich's M20 Saints Offensive Ebook 

What you'll get :

  • Simply Rich's Best Offense he's ever created. Extremely Easy to Use
  • Over 50+ HD Vids & 6+ Formations
  • The Dominance of a Meta Offensive Scheme w/ a fun & unique twist
  • Quick hike like a Pro with most setups requiring 2 or less adjustments
  • Over 26 Total Plays for Our Sim Community
  • Completely Counter the Heavy Blitz meta while still leaving routes that can't be guarded
  • The Glitchiest Route in Madden 20
  • The Best 2 Point Conversion Scheme in M20
  • Attack with Compression & Spread in the same Offense!! Plus a Great Run Game if Needed!
  • Not your typical Ebook! We don't care what coverage the opponent is in. The same setup will DOT THEM ALL!


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