Madden 19 Tips | Best Running Play in Madden 19 | 01 Trap

Check Out the Best Run in Madden 19 right now! Featuring the Singleback Deuce Close 01 Trap Play! Deuce Close is back but it has nothing to do with HB Wham. It’s all about the 01 Trap now for Madden 19 (mixed in with the HB Stretch and Counter.) This Madden 19 Tips video will not only show the best run play, but also showing a good feel of how you want to run with the ball carrier using Spins, Jukes, and the One Cut. We also showed How to Master the Run Game in our previous Madden 19 Gameplay Tip video. Make sure you check that out as well. The Best Run Defense to stop this run is Cover 4 and Cover 0 in Madden 19. This will be the best bet to lock it down. We will go into more detail soon on How to Stop the Run. Check back every day as we will be bringing you guys a New Madden 19 video every day #Madden19 #Madden19Tips


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