Madden 19 Tips – Master the Run Game using the Best Running Move in Madden 19 | How to One Cut

Hey guys, welcome to our first Madden 19 Tip of the year. In this video we are going to show you how to Master the Run with the Best Run Move in Madden 19. That is the New Running Mechanic ” The One Cut.” This is a Madden 19 Tip you need to perfect if you are going to dominate online in all game modes of Madden 19. Including Madden 19 Ultimate Team ( MUT 19 ) , Madden 19 Connected Franchise (CFM) , and of course also using regular NFL Teams. It seems like the agile small backs are best when using the One Cut.

We love to use the One Cut and Spin Move as 1-2 punches in the run game. The Spin move seems to have a high fake out chance against AI defenders. So you can fake out one guy with a Spin, then One Cut to burst in the direction you want to go.

Stay tuned as we will be dropping more advanced Madden 19 Tips as the days and year goes on. We are going to be posting a New Free Madden 19 Tips or Gameplay video every day starting now. So Get Ready!

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