Schedule This Week for MaddenDaily (Sept 3-9) | Madden 19

Hey Guys just want to update you on what we have working on for this week. I may do a post like this every week so you guys have an idea on whats coming.


Here is what we are currently working on that is scheduled to be released anytime from tomorrow to Sunday.

  • Updating the Defensive Ebook
  • Finishing Drags Offensive Ebook and putting it on sale for non Film Room Members
    • I’m working on formations from that are in the playbooks that have Gun Trey as well. So for example, I will be doing a quick Jumbo Heavy breakdown since Run Balanced has Gun Trey Offset. Going to look into a scheme from Singleback Y Trips from Bears playbook also.
  • Making sure every Madden 19 tip video and scheme we have done has write-ups for it. This is simply inexcusable that we don’t have write-ups for videos and that just has to change.
  • Going to make sure every comment gets answered that has been left by you guys so far.
  • New Tip Videos from Mattstergamer going into the Film Room Membership
  • Gameplays from our Pros going inside the Film Room Membership
  • New concept Vids from me (litez) going inside the Premium Membership


What we are working on for following week:

  • Gun Bunch TE Offense as a Tribute to Spot Me Plz
  • Seattle Offensive Ebook from Rich
  • Im (Litez) working on New Defensive Schemes that don’t require Contains. (Trying to plan ahead just in case they patch contains which would affect majority of M19 blitzes. Goal is to have Brand New D’s ready for whenever the next patch drops. Might not be next week but wanted to let you know what I’m working on. Found some cute stuff already.


We will keep you updated in our Chat on the site if anything gets added or changes.



Pete Litezout Calefato


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  1. Marcus Alexander says:


  2. Danial Cooper says:

    Love this! Great work Litez.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Thanks but i think y’all best ebook was kc playbook in madden 25.

  4. Gdove says:

    Appreciate the updates. Liking the new stuff already.

  5. Dysphuncshution says:

    I love this! Thanks for the update.

  6. IamHim says:

    Dope, I’m truly appreciating the thought process/effort you guys are placing in to this years madden daily!

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