Whats to Come For MaddenDaily in 2019

Hey guys its Litez. Firstly I hope you all have a Happy, Healthy, and Successful New Year! There are many things we hope to achieve in 2019 for Madden Daily. The most important thing is taking care of our customers the best way possible. I’m going to briefly write about how I’ve been feeling lately and how and why I want to change things with the site.

The last few months of 2018 was a tough one for the Madden Community as a whole. We lost 2 great people and what happened in Jacksonville has effected a lot of us in some way or another. It personally has unfortunately put a bad taste in my mouth whenever I think about Madden and EA. Up until then there wasn’t a day that went by for 7 years of doing MaddenDaily that I didnt think of Madden in some way shape or form. I’m talking about even on my wedding trip and Honeymoon I was non stop brainstorming about the site and content lol. I loved every minute of running MaddenDaily. But this year I lost it and Im really trying to get it back for the sake of our customers and the site. It doesn’t help that with patch after patch this game has gotten really bad and stale imo. I spent a decent amount of time as a Game Changer these last few years doing my all to make this game better and that makes it even more frustrating seeing where the game is right now. I’m very unhappy with the state of Madden to be quite honest. I have been even contemplating not doing Madden Daily anymore and getting out of the Madden Community all together.. or at least closing the site down for the rest of the season.

I have been realizing though that the main reason I’m feeling down like this is I’m very hard on myself and I know deep down I need to be doing a much better job here at Madden Daily regardless of the state of the game and doing more for you guys for Film Room and Premium Members that we’re not. And if the game doesn’t permit to us being able to deliver the same content we usually do because of how the game is, then we need to make a change.

One change that was needed that we didn’t do this past summer because I was honestly afraid is getting the heck out of this Membership software we are using and moving away from WordPress sites. Its a subscription model “no no” to completely switch everything when you have active paying subscriptions. But I have reached that point right now with what we are currently using. This past month some of our new members wouldn’t get access right away (if this is still an issue at all to any of you reading this please email me at maddendaily@gmail.com ). I would have to manually add them to the site because the membership wouldn’t recognize the purchase. We have customers that cancelled and still had access after 30 days because our software randomly lets people slip through the cracks. Our membership support system fails sometimes lately to link with our site and we wouldn’t even get all support tickets right away. It was honestly a complete mess this past month or so and had me burnt out and defeated. I think that was a bigger reason over everything on why I felt like I have been since Jacksonville. Instead of doing whatever it takes to fix the problem completely, I was putting bandaids over things and hoping it worked out. Kind of like how Madden is nowadays smh. But Im done with that. So hear is the plan….

Starting tomorrow January 1st, we are refunding every payment we receive from our existing Premium and Film Room Members. Our memberships for January will be Free. We also will not be accepting any new members for the month of Jan. We will still be doing new content for January, but I also will be working on something else. I’m going to get us off this wordpress site and go to a new platform. The new platform is what I was going to change to this past summer but didn’t go through with it. I’m going to use the whole month of January to work on migrating everything over and getting the new site setup.

I’m going to focus on cleaning up all the content that is on the site right now by doing updates and organizing what works post patch. Also, the biggest thing we are going to do is work with tourny players that are in the Club Championships tournament. I’m sure majority of them will not want their O and D out before the tourny is over, so what Im going to do is record with them these next couple of weeks and will drop all of the schemes on the new site when Clubs is over. Cant guarantee which players I’ll be able to get yet, but I will do my best to get you guys the best possible content. So the goal is February 1st I want us to be completely switched to a brand new site with a clean layout of all new content from pro players (the original goal of this year.)

I don’t know if Im going to continue a monthly membership when that happens for the rest of M19 yet. I might just sell the schemes separately or a combo bundle, with our Members that paid this year getting a major discount compared to non members. Right now Im thinking of a 1 time payment that will give access to the new content plus all remaining content for rest of year (if we dont go with a membership.) What we definitely will have though is some type of Forum / Community on this new site that everyone that were Members on our site this year will have access to (even if we dont sell anything else for the rest of the year.) This is where we will all communicate and talk about the current metas and schemes / concepts of Madden that will happen as the months go on. This Forum will be Free for the guys that have been Members with us this year. At the very least, if we’re not selling anymore content, I want us to stay engaged and be together as a community and keep in touch talking about Madden until Madden 20 comes out. We will probably go back to a membership model when Madden 20 comes out if we stop the membership this year.

We are going to make this right for you. Even if we lose a lot of money in the process by ending all active memberships and starting a Brand New MaddenDaily Site from scratch with 0 Subs. We need to offer a site you all deserve that works properly and is clean with the best content possible. I hope this all sounds good for you guys. I am going to make this happen no matter what.. even if this is the only thing I do in 2019.


Tomorrow Night we will be having my New Defensive Scheme from 34 Over Ed up on the site, and Rich will be posting his New West Coast Offensive Ebook. We will continue to drop new content every week this month of January while working on the new site. I’m excited to finally make the switch and I think this is really going to get me back in the groove of wanting to not only compete again in Madden, but enjoy making high level / high quality content for you all.



Love you Guys foreal, Happy New Year !!!

-Pete Litezout Calefato




Comments on Whats to Come For MaddenDaily in 2019

  1. jack bowden says:

    Thanks lite and have a blessed and amazing rest of the night and I truly want to say thanks for all you do for is all in Madden this year and over the years.

  2. michael johnson says:

    U took me from a have not to a have got years ago in madden. You’re still a very integral part in dictating the meta I’ve won multiple cfms, money games, and I’ve been doing it because of this site. From the day u left TML. U are a true trend setter and have been for multiple years. Thanks man you are appreciated.

  3. louis butler says:

    Best site by far, keep up the good work man and thanks for your dedication and loyalty to your members! 💯

  4. Dan 0hh says:

    Happy new year litez & the rest of the MD team. Appreciate the hard work and the honest update on whats been going on and what to expect moving forward.

  5. Izzy says:

    Happy New Year!!! I’ve been cool with the content this year and understand your dilemma. My only nugget of advice is to under promise and over deliver going forward. I think that will alleviate some pressure.

  6. ronald smith says:

    Yo preciate you and the entire squad for all you do. We all face challenges, cause real life don’t come with a playbook, so We understand when things ain’t perfect. Stay on your grind bro!

  7. Jeremiah says:

    Im waiting on it to drop.

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