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Hey Guys it's Litez (Owner of MaddenDaily.) I wanted to let you know that we completely redid our website and Membership. This means you will need to create a new Username and Password and ReSubscribe if you had a name on our old site.


Why Did We Do This?


We've ran into problems throughout the years with our old membership to where people would sometimes buy a product and then sometimes not get access right away, or they would cancel but still have access. Things like that led to a ridiculous amount of Support Tickets for us, and a frustrating experience for our customers.

It was time to start fresh and make a change. We made the decision to completely start brand new with a new site and membership. This site is much more professional and clean, and the membership and ebooks are so much more responsive. When you buy something from us it will immediately go in your "My Products Tab" and you will get an email. 

You can easily change your username and password as well.


Please Note:

Expect to hear from us very soon if you were a past MaddenDaily Member in the Madden 19 Season. We are making sure everyone is cancelled from our old site. We also have been issuing refunds. 

If you made a payment with us since Jan 2019 and have yet to get a refund please contact us at - [email protected]

We will get you refunded ASAP!




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