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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey Guys it's Litez (Owner of MaddenDaily.) I wanted to let you know that we completely redid our website and Membership. This means you will need to create a new Username and Password and ReSubscribe if you had a name on our old site.


Why Did We Do This?


We've ran into problems throughout the years with our old membership to where people would sometimes buy a product and then sometimes not get access right away, or they would cancel but still have access. Things like that led to a ridiculous amount of Support Tickets for us, and a frustrating experience for our customers.

It was time to start fresh and make a change. We made the decision to completely start brand new with a new site and membership. This site is much more professional and clean, and the membership and ebooks are so much more responsive. When you buy something from us it will immediately go in your "My Products Tab" and you will get an email. 

You can easily change your username and password as well in Settings.


Please Note:

If you made a payment with us anywhere from Jan 2019 to July 2019, and have yet to get some sort of refund from us, please contact us at - [email protected]

We will get you refunded ASAP!

The way that our site works now, you will be creating a username and password for our site right before making a purchase. So when you subscribe to be a MD Member or purchase an ebook, it will ask you for your email, name, and password. That will be your new username. Once you make an account, for any purchases in the future it will say "Already have an account, Sign In" Click that and you will be logged in. After making a purchase your products will be found inside the "My Products" Tab on the top of the site.

For our MaddenDaily Membership you will be guaranteed at least 4 Tips per week and 50% Off All Ebooks. The 4 Tips are just a guarantee but we have been doing WAY WAY More than that. For example, as I write this we are on Week 3 of our Membership and already have 44 Membership Tips inside our Membership lol. We are bombarding you guys with the Best Madden 20 content out. 

We have a large assortment of Madden Pros on our site who are helping with the content of the membership. 

We also have a MaddenDaily Community inside our site that you get for FREE for Members Only! This is like a Facebook group installed inside our site and only Members can see. Chat with our Pros on staff and other Members about anything Madden. We will be posting Gameplays and Scouting vids exclusively inside this Community as well!

Great question, you will find our 50% off code inside our Madden Daily Membership Product. On the right side bar you will see the code. This code constantly changes so make sure you check for the most recent Members Only Code before buying an ebook. We also contact our Members through an announcement email when a New Ebook drops to let them know what the new code is!

How To Cancel Your MaddenDaily Membership :

We feel extremely confident we are providing great value and content in our MaddenDaily Membership. But for whatever reason if you need to cancel your subscription, you would do so on Paypal. 

Here are the Steps:

  1. Log In To The Paypal Email Address you used to subscribe to our MD Membership
  2. Click the Activity button on the Top Navigation of Paypal
  3. Search for "Madden Daily"
  4. You will see your most recent completed Active Payment of $9.95. Click that Payment.
  5. You Will See it Says "Manage Madden Daily payments" in Blue font. Click that
  6. The status of your MaddenDaily subscription should say its "Active" in green. Click the Cancel button to Cancel =(

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